I am an advocate for rare names. You may not find Amy or Aidan on this page, but you'll find Amarantha and Albion. I believe in doing thorough research on each name posted, and am currently working on updating the facts in my earlier entries, as I do annually. This is a name-by-name style site, but if you're looking for something more comprehensive I suggest K. M. Sheard's Complete Book of Names and a stroll through and I recommend parents avoid any books with titles including large numbers, such as "20,000 Baby Names," or "All the Best Baby Names," as they usually lack research, etymologies, or historical details.

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Request names, lists, character or baby naming advice in the comment section below. No unusual name will be rejected as long as it has been used historically.


  1. Love the new look site and your choice of name :)

  2. Thanks so much for offering an e-mail subscription service - very much appreciated.

  3. Your site is fantastic. Thank you for dedicating a blog to fairytale names. My first baby is due on Valentine's day. I'm a fairytale illustrator so your site is a gift. I love how ,ugh detail you go into when introducing a name. Sometimes I'm not fond of the name but the history of it is too intriguing not to read.

  4. Do you take requests? If so, would you consider Ermintrude?

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