Some general advice before moving on to links: always double-check name meanings through multiple sources, especially when finding something you like in a baby name book. Often times a "meaning" is given that is a title or hasn't been explained or fact-checked. For example, I've come across "Massagetean queen" as the name meaning for Tomyris, which is what she was, not what her name meant. Another example - Shawn is sometimes listed as meaning "John," and it does, except John has its own meaning (and therefore Shawn's meaning is the same as John's).

Maiden Name, His Name, or Other?

Critiquing Popular Baby Name Blogs & Sites

Name Bullying

Consider this when choosing a baby name

Classy or Trashy? Passing Judgements

The right first name for your baby's last name

Working with common name associations

Considering Future Sibling Names When Expecting #1

So many people, so many name options

Intentionally & Creatively Misspelling Names (also see this follow-up)

When Surnames as First Names Are Okay

Honoring Family with Names

Is there a difference between "uncommon" and "rare" names?

"Filler" Middle Names

Unusual First Name, Common Middle Name

Girls with "-wyn" and "-son" names

Isabella B., Isabella S., and the Mean Isabella

The "I Lost My Kid" Test

Baby Name Test Drive

What would you have named yourself?

When does an unusual name cross the line?

A Lesson in English

Dated, or timeless?

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Baby Name Test Drive


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