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Girls Nicknames So Dated They're Cute

Some nicknames from times passed were used as given names on formal records, such as Lucie instead of Lucille or Lucinda, or Evie instead of Eve, just as is done today. There are other nicknames that are undeniably vintage, like Hattie or Icy. Some of them have already made a comeback, and some have yet to be rediscovered. Let's delve into the so-dated-they're-adorable nicknames, with possible full formal names that could go on the birth record.

Nan - traditionally used for Nancy, but also sometimes Anna. Nanetta also works, but there's a wealth of other names containing the element 'nan' that might be good for Nan as a nickname. Nancy was given to 306 girls in 2016, a rank of #900
Etty - sometimes used for Harriet or Henrietta, sometimes for Etta, and sometimes for Esther, but today you could use Etty as a nickname for anything starting with Et- including Eternity. Etty was given to 23 girls in 2016
Effy/Effie - typically used for Euphemia, you could reasonably use this for anything beginning in Ef-
Roz - for Rozlyn/Roslyn. Rozlyn was given to 74 girls in 2016, Roslynn to 28, and Roslyn to 215. Roz could work for any Roz- or Ros- name, such as Rozanna or Rosalyn
Mimi - a pet form of Miriam, but it could arguably be used for anything beginning with Mi- especially anything with another m in the middle, or starting and ending with m
Peggy - comes from Margaret, but could be used as a standalone name. Peggy was given to 19 girls in 2016
Mindy - also could be used as a standalone name, but she's short for Melinda, which was only given to 138 girls in 2016. She was brought back to attention thanks to a character in the movie "Kickass," and given to 88 girls in 2016
Dottie - used for Dorothy, she has a retro vibe. Dorothy ranked at #652 but Dottie was given to 36 girls in 2016
Elfie - a nickname for Elfreda/Elfrida, neither spelling used in 2016, nor was Elfie. I would say Elfie could also be used as a nickname for Delphine/Delfina, thought vintage nickname Della could also work for those two. Delphine was given to 45 girls in 2016 and Delfina to 27
Kitty - Kitty is just a bit more vintage of a nickname than Kathy or Katie for Katherine. Kitty was given to 7 girls in 2016
Ginny - used for both Virginia and Ginevra (as seen on the Harry Potter character). Ginny was given to 23 girls in 2016, while Ginevra was given to only 15, and Virginia to 599 with a rank of #517
Mitzi - comes from Mary/Maria through German, and Miriam. Mitzi was given to 16 girls in 2016
Madge - for Margaret, because I don't think Marge is quite ready
Bess - Bessie was given to 8 girls in 2016, Bess to 6
Maidie, Maida - some say Maida is an American name meaning "maiden," while others say it's a nickname for Magdalena. Maidah was given to 5 girls in 2016, Maida to 43, and Maidie to none
Mackie - a rarity used as a nickname for Macaria, which was given to 5 girls in 2016, Mackie to none
Dolly - made famous by Dolly Parton and the movie "Hello, Dolly." This one also comes from Dorothy, but Dolly has been used as a given name since the 17th century. Dolly was given to 41 girls in 2016
Nell - while Nell could be used for a multitude of names containing the same letters in that sequence, it came from Helen, Ellen and Eleanor. Nelle was a spelling given to 17 girls in 2016, Nellie to 200, Nelly to 104, and Nell to 69 (I'll also mention Nella, given to 58)
Tillie - traditionally used for Matilda
Millie - used for Millicent and other names with 'mill' in them, such as Camilla
Mamie - if you aren't familiar with Mamie, pronounced similarly to Ma'am, you'd never guess it was a nickname for Mary
Edie - pronounced EE-dee, this is short for Edith, which was given to 631 girls in 2016
Fanny - while I think Fannie Fern, others might still think about butts. Still, Fanny was given to 28 girls in 2016
Flory/Florrie & Flossie - traditionally used as nicknames for Florence, which was given to 246 girls in 2016
Minnie - this is usually Minerva's nickname, but it's been used on its own - Minnie Driver, Minnie Mouse. Minnie was given to 65 girls in 2016, Minerva to 65 as well
Dilly - has been used as a nickname for Daffodil. There might be some hesitation with these names, as is always the case. Neither was used in 2016
Franny - a nickname for Frances that has fallen out of favor. Frances was given to 716 girls in 2016, a rank of #446
Bridie - this wasn't used in the U.S. so much as Ireland, where it comes from Brighid. Still, Bridie was given to 5 girls in 2016
Bab, or Babs - for Barbara, which still ranks after all this time at #856
Cressa and Cressie - used for Cressida, more well known in England, but these could also work well for Crescentia. Cressida was given to 10 girls in 2016, Crescentia none, and neither nickname was used
Trudy - from Gertrude, which was given to 36 girls in 2016, Trudy to 24
Gussie - traditionally used for Augusta, which was given to a mere 25 girls in 2016, despite masculine August ranking on the boy's side at #193
Hetty - for Henrietta, which was given to 65 girls in 2016. Hetty was not used as a given name
Kizzie - Keziah/Kesiah
Lollie - Charlotte, but I think this would do well as a nickname for Lollia, Eulalia or Lolita. Lollie wasn't used last year, but Lolly was given to 7 girls.
Connie - not sure how "vintage" Connie really is, but it's uncommon enough that it could see a boost. Connie was given to 73 girls in 2016, full form Constance to 150
Mina - is a name in its own right and definitely works on its own, but it has been used as a nickname for Wilhelmina. It was given to 380 girls in 2016, a rank of #744. Wilhelmina was given to 114 girls
Vinnie - used as a nickname for Lavinia, but today it could be used on more international names like Vincenza or Vilhelmina. Vinnie and Vinny were not used in 2016, but Lavinia was given to 75 girls


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