Saturday, April 29, 2017


Yes, Anaxandra is a real name. Some pronounce it ann-ax-ANN-druh, while others say ann-uh-ZAN-druh. This Greek female name is a great example of an ancient woman who was very accomplished. Anaxandra was the daughter of Nealkes, who painted mythological scenes in ancient Greece, and she was also his student. She lived around 228 B.C. and was mentioned by Clement of Alexandria (2nd century) in his work Women as Well as Men Capable of Perfection. She was also important enough that the International Astronomical Union named a crater of Venus after her.

This is also a literary name, used by Caroline B Cooney in her novel Goddess of Yesterday.

There are no girls in the U.S. given the name Anaxandra.


  1. Great name. So interesting not one girl in the U.S. has this name! p.s. being a "strange / interesting name" lover - I'm big fan of your blog :)

    1. Thank you! The SSA only notes when a name is given to more than 4 kids in a year, so if there were four or less we wouldn't know. However, there are pages that go by other records, like (but I think it automatically says there's at least one person with the name because they're assuming the name you typed in is your own).