Sunday, November 16, 2014

The U.S. top 10 in other languages


1. Sophia - Sofia (which also ranks), Sonya/Sonia/Sonja, Sophie/Sofie/Sophy, Zofia, Zosia, Sohvi, Zsofika, and Zsofia
2. Emma - Ima, Imma, Ema, Ermintrude, Trudy, Irma, & connected to Emily which is #7
3. Olivia - Oliviera, Olivera, Olivette, Olivie
4. Isabella - Isa, Sabella, Belle, Babette, Elisa, Elisavet, Elizabeth (#10) and her variants
5. Ava - Eve, Eva, Hava/Havva, Chava, Evelia, and Evita
6. Mia - as a variant of Maria this one has too many to list, but examples include Moira, Mariska, Mariella, Miriam, Marika, Mirja, Maureen, Mimi, Marietta, Maiken and Mya
7.  Emily - see Emma which is #2, also Aemilia, Amalia, Amelia, Amma/Ama, Emelina, Emmeline, Emilia, Emilita and Emmy
8. Abigail - other than the Biblical Greek variant Abigaia, Abigail really only has spelling variations such as Abigayle and Avigail
9. Madison - meaning "son of Maud," there are no other versions and in other languages Madison is not used on girls as it is a surname only
10. Elizabeth - an exceptional amount of alternate versions to this name, including Elizaveta, Bethan, Elsa, Elise, Isabella (see #4), Zabel, Eliska, Bettina, Betty, Ishbel and Elixabete


1. Noah - Noe, Noach
2. Liam - see William, #5
3. Jacob - Iago/Yago/Jago, Jamie, James, Yakov, Kuba, Giacomo, Giacobbe, Seamus, Akiba, Akiva, Jacques, Jaumet, and Koppel
4. Mason - a word and occupational surname, so no others
5. William - Wilhelm, Guillermo, Vilko, Wilkin, Liam, Villem, Pim and Wim
6. Ethan - an Old Testament name, no variations in other languages
7. Michael - Miguel, Mikhail,  Misha, Mykolas, Miska, Miksa, Mikko and Mikkel
8. Alexander - Alec, Sander, Olek, Oleksandr, Iskender, Alistair/Alasdair, Sasha, Sawney, Sandro, Ace, Sikandar, and Eskandar
9. Jayden - as an invented name, there are only spelling variants and no international versions
10. Daniel - Danko, Danilo, Taneli, Danut, Daniil, and Deiniol

See for all variants and where they come from

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