Monday, November 17, 2014

Olivine (Peridot)

olivine dreamstime

Olivine (French prn. oh-liv-EEN, American/English prn. OLL-iv-ine), named for its light olive green color, is a mineral formation found under the earth's surface. When this mineral becomes gem quality we call it "peridot," pronounced PER-ih-doe, which is the French word for olivine (thus the French "-doe" ending and not PER-ih-dot). This name is also sometimes taken as a variant of Olivia, which didn't actually mean "olive" in the beginning.

Some types of olivine have been discovered on meteors, the moon, Mars, and further into the depths of the universe. It can also be found naturally all over the world, including a beach in Hawaii.

Peridot is the birthstone for August, and was a loved stone of the ancient Egyptians - it may have even been Cleopatra's favorite. Peridot is one of many similar names the gem has gone by, but most sound very close, such as peridon and peritot.

Olivine is an exceedingly rare baby name for girls in the U.S., with an average of 5 or less girls given the name each year. For most years there is no evidence it has been used, as the SSA guards the info for less than five births.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The U.S. top 10 in other languages


1. Sophia - Sofia (which also ranks), Sonya/Sonia/Sonja, Sophie/Sofie/Sophy, Zofia, Zosia, Sohvi, Zsofika, and Zsofia
2. Emma - Ima, Imma, Ema, Ermintrude, Trudy, Irma, & connected to Emily which is #7
3. Olivia - Oliviera, Olivera, Olivette, Olivie
4. Isabella - Isa, Sabella, Belle, Babette, Elisa, Elisavet, Elizabeth (#10) and her variants
5. Ava - Eve, Eva, Hava/Havva, Chava, Evelia, and Evita
6. Mia - as a variant of Maria this one has too many to list, but examples include Moira, Mariska, Mariella, Miriam, Marika, Mirja, Maureen, Mimi, Marietta, Maiken and Mya
7.  Emily - see Emma which is #2, also Aemilia, Amalia, Amelia, Amma/Ama, Emelina, Emmeline, Emilia, Emilita and Emmy
8. Abigail - other than the Biblical Greek variant Abigaia, Abigail really only has spelling variations such as Abigayle and Avigail
9. Madison - meaning "son of Maud," there are no other versions and in other languages Madison is not used on girls as it is a surname only
10. Elizabeth - an exceptional amount of alternate versions to this name, including Elizaveta, Bethan, Elsa, Elise, Isabella (see #4), Zabel, Eliska, Bettina, Betty, Ishbel and Elixabete


1. Noah - Noe, Noach
2. Liam - see William, #5
3. Jacob - Iago/Yago/Jago, Jamie, James, Yakov, Kuba, Giacomo, Giacobbe, Seamus, Akiba, Akiva, Jacques, Jaumet, and Koppel
4. Mason - a word and occupational surname, so no others
5. William - Wilhelm, Guillermo, Vilko, Wilkin, Liam, Villem, Pim and Wim
6. Ethan - an Old Testament name, no variations in other languages
7. Michael - Miguel, Mikhail,  Misha, Mykolas, Miska, Miksa, Mikko and Mikkel
8. Alexander - Alec, Sander, Olek, Oleksandr, Iskender, Alistair/Alasdair, Sasha, Sawney, Sandro, Ace, Sikandar, and Eskandar
9. Jayden - as an invented name, there are only spelling variants and no international versions
10. Daniel - Danko, Danilo, Taneli, Danut, Daniil, and Deiniol

See for all variants and where they come from