Thursday, August 14, 2014


Ailova (EYE-low-vah, alternately AY-low-vah) is a stunning Old English name meaning "noble love" from Aðellufu. The components are the common Old English Ædel, meaning "noble," and Old English lufu, meaning "love." Spellings (sounds) such as Ailofa or Ailufa could be found as well, since not all names had an accepted spelling or were written down at all. It is not to be confused with Elgiva, meaning "noble gift" or "elf gift." It is possible Ailova can be found in the Domesday Book, although it might be under a variant spelling. Ailova is too rare of a girl's baby name to rank, and there are no people with this name in current records, although a Google search reveals there might be some world-wide.

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  1. I knew of Goldgeve, but I was unaware of the Elgiva spelling. Both Ailova and Elgiva are nice names with similar roots in feel as Elvira. Good post!

  2. I did some Domesday research a while back. Didn't find the name Ailova specifically, but did find similar names like Aeleva, Aelfeva and Aleva.

  3. Good to know Nancy! I am wondering if maybe there were some names along the spelling of Adelova or Adeleva as well. I'd love to find out exactly if and when Ailova was used whether it be that spelling or just the way it is said, although I'll probably never know.