Saturday, May 3, 2014


Romaric was a boy of noble birth living in a Frankish kingdom, specifically Austrasia in the 6th and 7th centuries, under the rule of Queen Brunhilda. After Brunhilda killed his parents he wandered about the country, until she was overthrown and killed. Later the Irish Saint Columbanus became Romaric's role model/teacher, and Romaric participated in the court of King Theodebert II. With the approval of Saint Eustace and the help of Romaric's friend Saint Amatus, he built a dual monastery/convent for men and women called Remiremont on the land he owned from being part of the Count Palatine lineage. He lived out his days helping friends and family there until his death in 653. Saint Romaric's feast day is December 10. Currently there is only one other well known Romaric, a professional footballer from the Ivory Coast, born Koffi Christian N'dri. It is unclear what the name Romaric means, although it could have something to do with most other Rom- names, usually meaning "from Rome." However, there were many French and German names ending in -ric such as Frederic ("peaceful ruler") and Alaric ("noble ruler") so this should be taken into account. As some similar names, such as Romilly, are too modern, it is harder to say. It is very close to Roderic and Roric ("famous ruler," "famous power").

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