Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Mirabelle Plums 

Mirabella, along with Mirabelle, Mirabel, and Mirabeau, comes from the Latin root word mirabilis. The meaning of these names is "wonderful." Mira is the standard version, and with -bella at the end it creates the meaning "wonderful beauty." Used as far back as the Crusades and medieval times, Mirabel & co. fit rit in with today's feminissima names, such as Miranda, Arabella, and Annabella. Mirabeau, unlike the others, is a surname and title, and that of a few famous Frenchmen - marquis de Mirabeau, comte de Mirabeau and vicomte de Mirabeau. It is also a French place name. Sometimes Mirabel- names can be linked or confused with similar names, such as Maribella and Miabella.

Mirabella was a women's magazine in the 1990's, taken from the last name of it's creator, Grace. In the fruit world, the Mirabelle plum grows gorgeous blossoms. The Baroque-style Mirabell Palace in Austria, built around 1606 by a prince, was a site used for "The Sound of Music." Mira was an ancient Hittite kingdom. Princess Mira (Meera) lived in the 16th century. The star Mira is in the constellation Cetus.

Nicknames can include Mia, Mira, Miri, Belle, Bella, Mellie, Mabel, Milla, Millie, Mireille, and Mimi. In 2012 there were 49 girls named Mirabella (far removed from the top 1000), and 74 girls named Mirabelle, both having only been used since the 1990's. Mirabel goes back to the 80's, and there were 44 in 2012. Mirabeau is not used. Mira ranked at #665 in 2012.

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