Friday, January 24, 2014

How can I get Molly as a nickname?

One option is Molniya, the Russian word for "lightning." The Molniya orbit may share the same origin.

Mollitia (mo-LEE-sha) is another option, which is Latin for "tenderness."

Magnolia is a much more common name with Molly/Mollie as a nickname.

On the surname side there is Mollineau (moll-in-oh).

On the nature side you can find Moschatel (mos-sha-tell) or Moschatella.

And if you don't like these but want the nickname to sound similar, try Amalia with the nickname Mali.


  1. There's also Mary, Marigold, or any other Mary name.

  2. I see you included Amalia at the end. This is my grandmother's name, Amalia, pronounced uh-MALL-ee-uh. She has always gone by Molly.