Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Turkish Baby Girl Name Roundup

Lots of baby names that mean moon here. You'll find that most Turkish names are accessible and have a beautiful meaning, and many fit right in with America's "y" trend.

Note: -ay endings pronounced "EYE" and i's are the same as in the name TINA, therefore e's make an "EH" sound, and a's are as in ALTO.

Ayla "moonlight"
Dilay "beautiful moon"
Esmeray "dark moon"
Feray "radiant moon"
Nuray "bright moon"
Adalet "justice"
Ede "well mannered"
Asli "genuine"
Damla "water drop"
Banu "lady"
Ziynet "ornament"
Su "water"
Elmas "diamond"
Tulay "tulle moon"
Sidika "truth"
Sevda "love"
Leyla "night"
Esen "the wind"
Aysel "moon stream"
Feriha "merry woman"
Sabah "morning"
Bahar "spring"
Beyza "very white"
Pembe "pink"
Fidan "sapling"
Canan "beloved"
Ceren "young gazelle"
Deniz "sea"
Funda "heather"
Seda "voice"
Hande "to smile"
Derya "ocean"
Pinar "spring"
Semiha "generous"
Sahnaz "pride of the king"
Ebru "paper marbelling"
Ece "queen"
Evren "cosmos, universe"
Esra "night travel"
Havva (Eve)
Kiraz "cherry"
Nur "light"
Nazli "delicate"
Sabriye "patient"
Sila "reunion"

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