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apollo urania 
Apollo and His Muses (single with Apollo & Urania) by Charles Meynier

 Ourania is a Greek baby name meaning "heavenly," pronounced OOR-an-ya / Awr-AN-ee-ah. It is a variant of Urania, great-granddaughter of the god Uranus, and in Greek mythology Urania (yur-AHN-ee-ah) was one of the muses, known  for inspiring arts and sciences. She was also a deity of astronomy and astrology. The Athenians sometimes used this name for Aphrodite, and thought she was one of the Fates. She has been associated with Universal Love, the Holy Spirit, poets and music. She is said to wear a cloak embroidered with stars, carries a celestial globe, and can foretell the future. Ouranos, from which we get Uranus, means "sky, heavens."

Ourania was a novel written by French Laureate J. M. G. Le Clezio, in which the title is the name of a country. lists Saint Urania with no more information than "Kemet martyrs with Archelaus, Nov 7."

Ourania was last seen in the U.S. in 2004 when it was given to 7 baby girls, used sporadically from 1963. Urania was last seen in 2002 when given to 5 baby girls, used a little less sparingly since 1891. The spelling Eurania was also used once in 1921 on only 5 girls.

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