Thursday, March 21, 2013


rhydian vaughan baby name 

Alternatively spelled Rhidian from the 20th century, Rhydian (RID-ee-an) is a Welsh boy's name meaning "red," from the element rhudd (rudd), sharing some similarities with Rowan. An early Welsh saint may have had this name. There is a church established by the saint in the 6th century

Namesakes include British-Taiwanese actor Rhydian Vaughan (pictured above), Welsh singer Rhydian Roberts, novelist Rhidian Brook (who coincidentally wrote The Testimony of Taliesin Jones - I just wrote about Taliesin), and bass player Rhydian Dafydd for the band The Joy Formidable.

As a name in the U.S., Rhydian has not been used more than four times in a year, and is therefore not recorded by the SSA. White Pages tells me that only one exists.


  1. I've never heard the name Rhydian before, but I love it!

    Sounds like it would work fantastically as a character name in a sci-fi/fantasy/futuristic story :)

    1. It is. In Wolfblood one of the mane characters is named Rhydian. I love it too.

    2. I love that show so much! I love the name too :)

    3. That's where I heard the name from was wolf blood and I love it. I'm naming my first son rhydian. But no one like a it because it sounds like your getting rid of someone

  2. Come to Wales, plenty of Rhydians there, but only one who can sing like this one!

    He's Rhydian Roberts, check him out on YouTube or

    This amateur video was filmed in a large building on an agricultural showground in Wales. The lighting had malfunctioned and there was a sound problem at the end, but you'll get the idea.

    Rhydian's a lovely name for a boy! :-)

  3. Ha Ha! I forgot to include the link to the video! Here it is, hope you like it:

  4. in wolf blood the hottest one's called rhydian

  5. I can see Rhydian becoming mega-popular in the US. It's like Gideon, but more attractive — doesn't contain "giddy" and fits into the current Celtic name trend. Definitely viable!