Thursday, February 7, 2013


What kind of name can compete with Eponine? Any literary name can work, for girls and boys, but Monroe has the right contemporary feel for a boy, just as a random suggestion. While a lot of parents consider Monroe for a girl, most likely with Marilyn Monroe in mind, Monroe's vibe is very masculine. It falls into a few different categories: "modern hero" names (both for the 5th American president and Marilyn), surnames, and nature names. It even falls under the comic book category - Ororo Monroe was Storm's real name in the X-Men. Most recently, Monroe can be seen as a male character in the TV show Grimm, and was used by Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon for the female twin of their son Moroccan.

This Gaelic name is composed of the elements moine (marsh) and ruadh (red), translating to "[from the] red marsh" and once applied to people living near the mouth of a river, with the meaning "[from the] mouth of the Roe River." Alternate spellings have been used all over, from Munroe to Munrow. Historically, most Monroe's have been male, regardless of whether Monroe was their first or last name. But today, Monroe is settling in with the surnames-as-girls-first-names trend. The statistics of late say Monroe is mainly female, with 142 girls given the name in 2011, but that is a dramatic rise from 2000, when only 7 girls were given the name. On the boys side its been more steady - from 30 boys in 2000 to 42 in 2011. It only ever ranked for boys, too. From 1880 to 1971, Monroe was all male. Either way, it is rare enough to work on either gender.

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  1. My sister-in-law is naming her first child, a girl, Monroe, after Marilyn Monroe. I've never heard it on a girl except for Mariah Carey's daughter. I only see it as a surname. I think it's completely pretentious and way-too-masculine. I hope she changes her mind before the baby comes!