Sunday, February 10, 2013

Is this name too over the top?

How do you know if a name is outrageous, or you're just over-thinking? Let's use Andromeda as an example. While everyone's opinions will vary - one person will tell you to use it, the next will say not to, Andromeda carries some well known associations, like the mythological princess, TV show, and the galaxy, that could help or hurt it being used today. Is it too long and dramatic or does it have the perfect amount of wow-factor? It's really a matter of taste and perception.

General guidelines if you're having a hard time deciding:

Don't use it if...
- it is hard for the majority of people you know to say
- it is hard to remember how to spell
- it was used in an extremely negative light (like Adolph)
- it is the name of something like a well known brand, company, product, or food (examples include Nivea, Siri, Apple and Kale)
- it is a one-person name, like Oprah or Lucifer
- it is overly sweet, like something you'd see on a child's fairy doll (Pixie, Fairydust, Honey)
- it is excessive or made-up without regard to phonetics
- it is too theme-y with the middle name (like Liberty Justice)
- the overall name sounds like a pompous fictional character (Leocadius Bartolomeo) and/or reaches a ridiculous amount of syllables

Use it if...
- you really love it
- you're alright with its history and associations
- it is not offensive
- you don't plan on making it any longer than it has to be (Aaliiyaah instead of Aaliyah)
- if it is in the top 1000 (which is a good indicator that other people definitely like it enough to use)

Examples of names that could be thought of as "over the top" and outrageous: Frostine, Princess, Ptolemy, Sugar, Alucard, Marcantony, Buttercup, Chrysanthemum, and certain double-barrelled names like Dixie-Belle, Altagracia-Lisette or Lulu-Lexie. Certain smush names could also fit the description, such as Sadiebelle or Izabeth.

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