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Yvonne & Yvette

yew tree magick yvonne yvette 

Yvonne (ee-VON) and Yvette (ee-VET) are the medieval French feminine forms of Yvon and Yves, from Germanic Ivo, meaning "yew." The meaning is not "archer," it is what archery bows are made of: yew. Both can have the nicknames Yvie (EE-vee) or Yva (EE-vah) which you could choose to make easier to spell by using Evie or Eva. Yew is coniferous, like pine trees, and is known as the tree of mourning and the "tree of resurrection and eternity," symbolizing the Tree of Life. For more information on the tree in legend, please visit The Goddess Tree.

Yvonne is one of many names to travel to England after the Norman Invasion. After a while it was no longer popular, but saw a revival in the 20th century, and it was big with the French Creole community in the south (as evidenced by the Hank Williams song). At first glance Yvonne appears vintage, along with twin Yvette, but it is still used sparingly today and may see more use thanks to the vintage trend, the V trend, and the 100 year rule. In 2011 it was given to 127 baby girls, and Yvette to 191 girls. Yvonne first appeared in 1892, and last ranked in 2002. It made its way up to #76 in 1937, marking the height of its popularity, then slowly traveled back down into the 200's by 1977. Yvonne was most popular in France in the 1900's when it was a top 10 name, was "hip" in the 60's in America, but it is now seldom used. To be clear, Yvette is a diminutive of Yvonne. The spelling Ivonne ranked twice on the SSA top 1000 in the U.S. - 1992 & 1993.

Yew Yvonne Yvette

List of namesakes, which includes several actresses, singers, and dancers:

Yvette Mimieux, American actress of French and Mexican ancestry
Yvette Fielding, TV presenter
Yvette Vickers, pin-up model
Yvette Nipar, American actress
Yvette Nelson, model/actress/singer
Yvette Clark, politician
Yvette Cooper, politician
** Blessed Yvette of Huy was a Christian prophet and achoress from Belgium

Yvonne Elliman, 1970s singer
Yvonne Arnaud, French actress
Yvonne Borree, American ballet dancer
Yvonne Ryding, Miss Universe 1984
Yvonne DeCarlo, Canadian actress
Yvonne Chaka Chaka, South African singer
Yvonne Choutou, ballet dancer
Yvonne Craig, ballet dancer and actress
Yvonne Minton, Australian opera singer
Yvonne van Gennip, Dutch speed skater in the Olympics
Yvonne Strahovski, Australian actress

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