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Emerald is May's birthstone. There were 124 baby girls named Emerald in 2011, which jumped up to 193 girls given the name in 2015, now ranking just below the top 1000 at #1357. Esmeralda, which means "emerald," has been much more popular, with 942 births in 2011, while Emeraude, the French version, has seen no love. Jade, another green gemstone, is also very popular, with 2,655 births in 2011. Both Esmeralda and Jade ranked in the top 1000, along with Ruby, Pearl and Diamond. An obvious nickname for Emerald is Emmy.

Emerald is the green variant of Beryl, which was a popular name decades ago and is now considered vintage. Emerald was considered the stone of the goddess Venus, which just so happens to be the ruling planet of May's astrological sign: Taurus, the bull. It was also thought to be the fourth foundation in the Kingdom of Heaven in Revelations. (FYI, another great May name is Tauria.)

Were these baby names used?

Last year I posted a list of names that either had less than five uses during the year or were not used at all. This year (for last year) I am checking to see if that changed. I think I was wrong about one or two of them, so I left those out. Also, there were a lot more names that were not used in 2010 and 2011, but I didn't get to them.

Here's the list, and how many times the name was used in 2011.

Araminta, 0
Amaranta, 5
Amarantha, 0
Anatolia, 0
Arianwen, 0
Atalanta, 0 (the goddess, not the city)
Beria, 0
Branwen, 5
Capucine, 0
Celandine, 0
Celesta, 0 (Celestia, Celestine 7, Celestina 19)
Ceridwen, 0
Chrysanthe, 0
Coriander, 0
Crisanta, 0
Cymbeline & Cymbelina, 0
Cypriana & Cyprienne, 0 (Cipriana 7)
Delphina, 0
Desdemona, 0
Diantha, 0
Dove, 8
Doveva, 0
Elowen, 10
Endrina, 0
Eulalie, 0 (Eulalia 25)
Fairuza,0 (Faiza 23)
Fenella, 0 (Fiorella 36)
Fifer, 0
Fiorentina, 0 (Florentina 5, Florence 73)
Fiorenza, 0 (Florencia 14)
Fortuna, 0
Fortunata, 0
Freesia, 0
Galadriel, 0
Galatea, 0
Galila, 0 (18 Gelila, 20 G…

Baby Names to Watch Part 2

I am done with my Rare 2011 Girls Names list, and have found quite a few interesting names I thought I'd talk about. I don't exactly remember what it was like compiling the 2010 list I made, but I do remember it being shorter, although I can't say if it really was. But overall I was very impressed with some of the names I saw.

Gregoria - didn't make the 2010 list, but there were 6 births in 2011. I find this an excellent alternative to Greer/Grier for those who still want to honor a Gregory. Grey would make for a nickname, or Oria.

Aradia - this is the name of a Tuscan pagan witch goddess, supposedly the daughter of Diana and Apollo. She was the subject of Aradia: Gospel of the Witches by Charles Leland, which Bewitching Names covered here. She is also the subject of another book: Tales of Aradia, The Last Witch, by L.A. Jones. By the way, if for some reason I was trying to name the baby of Apollo and Diana, Aradia seems utterly perfect.

Quirky/eccentric names like Snow (…

Baby names to watch

Here are some names I think are either worth watching or worth mentioning. First I'd like to point out that Destiny happens to be the number one girls name starting with the letter D, although if Daniela, Danielle and Daniella were combined, that would have won. Here are D names that made the top 1000 in 2011 and how many girls were given the name. I always find names starting with A, D and L the most interesting when reading the lists. You can decide for yourself if by "interesting" I mean "aggravating."

Destiny 3222
Daisy 1883
Daniela 1860
Delilah 1817
Diana 1535
Danielle 1482
Delaney 1330
Daniella 1135
Dakota 1056
Danna 873
Dulce 758
Dayana 689
Daphne 671
Danica 638
Dylan 595
Dahlia 536
Desiree 477
Denise 471
Danika 469
Dana 468
Destinee 381
Diamond 357
Deborah 331
Deanna 323
Demi 321
Dixie 309
Diya 287
Dorothy 273
Dalia 266
Damaris 250

I find some of the choices outdated (Deborah, Denise) and think there are some D names I would rather have seen on the list, as in Diantha, Daria, Demetra…

SSA Extended List 200-250 births in 2011

Before I get back to posting on individual names, as I do, I'd like to revel in the happiness that is the Social Security Administration's extended list, which means beyond the top 1000 most popular names. If you've read any of my previous posts you know how much I love rare (legitimate) names that are sorely underused, and that I believe there are so, so many great names out there that it's not exactly necessary to use one in the top 10, 100 or 1000. Not bad, but not necessary, not unique. I have an old friend right now expecting a baby girl she intends to name Isabella, despite the fact that she'll live her life as one of several (if not myriad) other Isabella's. It's a perfectly fine name, just not as attractive once you know there were over 21,000 babies born with that name just last year, and a few thousand more than that in 2010. I have my top 1000 favorites (Claudia, Raina, Luciana, Elena and Sophie) but I don't think I could bring myself to ever…

Boys 2011 Baby Name Newcomers

Well, I mentioned how there were quite a few newcomers on the girls side of the top 1000, or second-timers, but I hadn't gotten around to the boys yesterday. To be honest, I spend 90% of my time with girls names, because I don't really like boys names. I have my list of boys names that I like, let's say about 40, and the rest I don't really care for. I won't list them all, but here's an example: I like Gregory, Arthur, Orion, Forest, Archer, Auberon, Oberon, Remy, August, and Dean. I wouldn't say they all fit together, but I do think they're all sturdy names. I actually even like Gavin, Anthony and Mason, which are quite popular. But when I hear/see names like Brayden, Jayden, Bentlee, Jagger, and Sincere...I cringe. My list of boy names I like is much shorter than girls, and I have a very low tolerance for creatively spelled, trendy names in general.

Anyways, enough of that. I'll get on to the lowest part of the 2011 SSA list on the boys side. We ha…

Interesting 2011 Baby Girl Names

I was thinking just before the new list came out that 2010 trends had a lot of surname, masculine names, including unisex and male names on girls, as well as names with history or those that just appeared to have history. I noticed that not a whole lots of parents really research a name's meaning and history. A lot just go with what sounds good. But thankfully there has been interest in some rare gems as well, such as Cordelia, Thalia and Juniper. When the extended list comes out (the one that shows names beyond the top 1000) I will be very excited to see it. One of the names I've been watching, Audriana, ranked for the first time in 2010 at #944 and rose to #773 in 2011. Aubriana did not rank.

As I go through the 2011 list I think I'll see a lot of rarities. #1000 happens to be Damaris, and some of the other gems I saw so far were Galilea, Gwyneth, Blair, Azaria, Lilia, Chana, Ingrid, Lina, Mara, Jemma, Paloma, Araceli, Pearl, Mina, Hadassah, Taraji, Myra, Mira, Giovanna, …

2011 Top 10 Baby Names Plus

Well, it finally came out, and the rankings did not change as much as I thought they would.

1. Sophia
2. Isabella
3. Emma
4. Olivia
5. Ava
6. Emily
7. Abigail
8. Madison
9. Mia
10. Chloe

I am disappointed that Abigail and Chloe are in the top ten. I really don't like these names. But I am happy that Emma and Olivia are in the top ten, because although they're really popular, I think they're pretty. I really thought Addison would make it into the top ten. Addison represents a lot of naming trends at the moment - starts with an A, ends in -son, has the nickname Addy, sounds like Allison. Oh well. I also should have stuck with my first guess that Emma and Isabella would rank higher than what I predicted.

1. Jacob
2. Mason
3. William
4. Jayden
5. Noah
6. Michael
7. Ethan
8. Alexander
9. Aiden
10. Daniel

I was only right about the ranks of Michael, Alexander and Daniel. I think a lot of us are fed up with Jayden, and a lot of us are probably frustrated that Twilight has made such a big impact in bab…

SSA Top 10 Baby Names in 2010

I'm back from my Google Chrome and Blogger break. First Blogger changed things, then it said I had to use Google Chrome, and if you know me, you know how stubborn I am when I'm comfortable. Anyway, apologies.

The Social Security Administration will release the 2011 top baby names tomorrow. Here are my predictions as to what the new list will look like. This is the first time I've made any predictions, so tomorrow we'll see how wrong I am. Also, this is just a wild guess. I have no clue.

1.Sophia 2.Olivia 3.Isabella 4.Emma 5.Addison 6.Ava 7.Lily 8.Grace 9.Emily 10.Madison
Also, Charlotte, Harper, Lila, Scarlett and Ruby will go up on the list.
1.Jayden 2.William 3.Aiden 4.Mason 5.Ethan 6.Michael 7.James 8.Alexander 9.Noah 10. Daniel
Also, Jack, Jackson, Connor, Luke, Lucas, Caleb, Elijah, Brayden and Evan will probably go up in ranking as well.